5 Tricks to Increase Website Visibility on Google


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Everyone wants to increase their Google ranking because that means more business!  Higher Google rankings are proven for business growth.  Lets take a look at a few of these search terms…

“dentist Orlando” = 1,600 Average Monthly Searches

“roofing Orlando” = 590 Average Monthly Searches

“Tampa realtors” = 480 Average Monthly Searches

As you can see, there are lots of people out there searching for businesses just like yours.  Sitting at the top of certain search terms can mean hundreds, even potentially thousands of new customers… PER MONTH!

These searches can be found using Google’s Keyword Planner Tool

So now that we know how powerful being at the top of Google is, how exactly can you get there?  Here is a list of the 5 most important keys to increase your websites visibility on Google Searches…


1.) Optimize Your “On-Page” SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

First and foremost, your website needs to be shouting at Google what you want to be shouting!  If you are trying to hit for the keyword “dentist Orlando,” you better be putting “dentist Orlando” all over your website.  This signals Google what your website is actually about.  Otherwise, how does Google even know what your site is about?  Here is a list of ways to optimize your On-Page SEO…

  • Alt tags for images
  • Optimized permalinks
  •  Keyword Density
  • Keyword in titles
  • Keyword in headings
  • Optimized Content



2.) Building Your Authority with Backlinks

Now that your On-Page SEO is squared away and Google knows what your website is about, now you need to tell Google why you should be on the front page.  Doing this requires building your domain authority.  How do you build your domain authority you ask? …other sites need to link to your website.  For example, if Forbes writes an article on your business, and they include your link the article, Google will see this and will say, “Well Forbes is a reputable  site, and it linking to (your website).com, so (yourwebsite).com must also be reputable.”  So the more high quality websites that link back to your website will increase your authority, and in turn, increase your Google rankings.

Here is a tool to check your website authority: Moz Checker



3.) Make Sure Your Up To Speed… Google Speed That Is

Google released an update in 2016 included in their ranking algorithm that actually PENALIZES websites that have slow page loading times.  Increasing the speed of your website can dramatically impact your Google rankings.  Google wants “the searcher” to have the best experience as possible, so it wants them to land on pages that are fast, and prevent them from landing on pages that are slow.  Your mobile site speed is also included.

Test your website speed here: Google Page Speed Test



4.) Get Social

Setting up your social media accounts is extremely important.  Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, and Google+.  Also if you are a local business make sure that your Google Business page is setup and your address is verified so that you appear on local listing with Google map.  Google factors in your posts, likes, shares, and ratings through other social networks.  It is important that you stay active on these accounts so that Google knows that your business is still active!



Google does ban websites from ever appearing in a Google search.  This happens when Google realizes that you are trying to manipulated the Google ranking system.  Being blacklisted usually occurs when someone that doesn’t know enough about SEO decides to hire someone for their SEO work.   A lot of work that is outsourced or is abnormally cheap will 9/10 result in the website being blacklisted.  Many of these techniques that cause this ban is called “Black Hat SEO,” which is automated programs that spam other sites to try to get backlinks to your website.  But Google will quickly realize this and completely block your website.   The only way to truly rank higher is to get natural backlinks and natural website growth.



These are the 5 most important keys when it comes to SEO and ranking you website higher on Google.  For a limited time I am offering FREE (completely 100% free) SEO analysis.  I will inspect your website carefully step by step and let you know why you are not being ranked higher on Google searches.